We are building a world that prevents genocide and other mass atrocities.
We are building a world that prevents genocide and other mass atrocities.
We are building a world that prevents genocide and other mass atrocities.
We are building a world that prevents genocide and other mass atrocities.
We are building a world that prevents genocide and other mass atrocities.
We are building a world that prevents genocide and other mass atrocities.

2022 International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

The Auschwitz Institute recognizes today, May 29, as the annual International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. This year, the United Nations celebrates the 74th anniversary of UN Peacekeeping, a unique and dynamic instrument to help countries torn by conflict transition to lasting peace. The theme for this year’s Day is “People. Peace. Progress.

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Global Launch for Democratic Education Needs Imagination report

On May 12, 2022, in partnership with Protection Approaches, the Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities (AIPG) and its Warren Educational Policies Program (WEPP) organized the global launch for the report entitled, “Democratic Education Needs Imagination” (DENI).

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Profiles in Prevention

Through our Profiles in Prevention series, the Auschwitz Institute highlights leaders who have emerged from programs like our Raphael Lemkin Seminar with an especially strong commitment to preventing genocide and other mass atrocities. These role models strive to create and shape policies, both at home and abroad, that focus on effective and sustainable prevention.

Feride Rushiti

Dr. Feride Rushiti is the founder and Executive Director of the Kosovo Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims (KRCT). Through almost two decades of research and advocacy, Dr. Rushiti has secured access to healthcare and justice for civilian victims of Kosovo’s* 1998-1999 war. Her advocacy led to the recognition of the survivors of wartime sexual violence among other civilian victims of war in 2014 as well as the landmark decision in 2017 by the Cossack government to fund pensions for Kosovo’s victims of wartime sexual violence.

Ruth Meyre M. Rodrigues

Dr. Ruth Meyre M. Rodrigues is a Portuguese-language Teacher in the Educational Public System of the Federal District of Brazil. In 2016, she became a public official, serving as Director of Rural Education, Human Rights, and Diversity issues at the Secretariat of Education of the Federal District. Dr. Meyre M. Rodrigues holds a PhD in Education from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), where she was part of a …

Mauricio Coitiño

Mauricio Coitiño (@mauricio_uy) is a specialist in public policy and communications from a human rights perspective. He holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from the Catholic University of Uruguay with a specialization in Methods and Analysis. As a consultant, he has completed projects involving the research and design of public policy, trained officials on human rights and discrimination issues, and evaluated international social organizations. Between 2010 and 2011, …

Francisco Celso Leitão Freitas

Francisco Celso Leitão Freitas is a history teacher and the Pedagogical Director of the Respect and Attitude Association (AREA, for its initials in Portuguese) in Brazil. A a cultural producer and specialist in inclusive education, he is the creator of, and collaborator on, many educational and cultural projects aimed at empowering Black, poor, and marginalized youth in Brazil’s Federal District. The impact of his pedagogical-cultural interventions has been recognized …

Irinel Rotariu

Irinel Rotariu is a Colonel Magistrate and military prosecutor at the Military Prosecutor’s Office in Iași, Romania. He attended the Law Faculty at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iași, Romania, where, since 2007, he has served as an Associate Professor. Currently, he is engaged in doctoral studies in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Political Sciences at the same university. From May of 2018, he has been …

Lokuto Bismark Simon

Lokuto Bismark Simon works with the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization – South Sudan (CEPO) as a Project Officer and also acts as a member of the South Sudan National Committee for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and All Forms of Discrimination. He attended the November 2018 edition of the Global Raphael Lemkin Seminar for Genocide Prevention in Poland.

Putri Maha Lima

Putri Maha Lima is the Director of Policy, Education and Publicity at the Secretariat of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Before joining AIPA, she was a Program Coordinator for Regional Cooperation for a German political foundation based in Indonesia and was also nominated by UNICEF to participate in Leiden University’s Short Course on Children’s Rights. Ms. Maha Lima attended AIPR’s Raphael Lemkin Global Seminar in Poland in …

Lillian Kobusingye

Lillian Kobusingye currently serves as a Program Officer at the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers – FIDA-Uganda – a national women’s organization that advances the rights of women with the use of law as a social tool. An alumna of the University of Wales in the United Kingdom, she devotes her time as an activist toward issues concerning the rights of women and children in Uganda. Ms. Kobusingye attended …

Edwine Okuta

Edwine Okuta is a member of the Kenyan National Committee on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and All Forms of Discrimination (KNC), the Kenyan International Humanitarian Law Committee, and the Law Society of Kenya. As an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, he holds a Bachelor of Laws as well as Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Philosophy from the …

Shara Duncan

Shara Duncan serves as Minister Counsellor to the Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the United Nations in New York, in charge of International Law, Rule of Law and Genocide Prevention issues. She has previously worked as an Advisor to the Office of the Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship on issues of international litigation. Ms. Duncan is a lawyer and has earned a master’s degree in …

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