Burundi: An R2P Success Story Now on the Brink


Frequent AIPR guest blogger Dominique Fraser, post-graduate student and former president of the R2P Student Coalition at the University of Queensland, returns today with an overview of the recent flare-up of violence in Burundi. Previously for AIPR, Ms. Fraser has covered issues related to R2P and mass atrocity prevention in the Central African Republic, Sudan and Myanmar.

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Presidential elections in Burundi are set for the 26th of …

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GenPrev in the News [18 October 2011]

In September 2005, three mass graves were discovered in Rutshuru, in North Kivu province of eastern Congo. Two years later this discovery led to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan initiating a mapping exercise to investigate atrocities committed in the country between 1993 and 2003. The concluding report (click here for an interview with one of the report’s authors, Jason Stearns) was published …

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GenPrev in the News [22 September 2011]

* Extrajudicial killings and the massacre of 36 civilians in Burundi have human rights groups worried about a return to civil war. September 18, in the town of Gatumba, a group of gunmen dressed in police uniforms entered a bar and ordered everyone to lie on the ground before opening fire. The Guardian reports that the bar was known as a popular place for government supporters. This massacre comes …

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Policy for GenPrev [21 September 2011]

On September 16 the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect released a report in its Occasional Paper Series titled “Prioritizing Protection from Mass Atrocities: Lessons from Burundi.”
The report details events in Burundi during the civil war of 1995–2005, and analyzes and critiques the measures taken by the international community in response to human rights abuses committed against civilians, in an effort to identify the lessons that can be …

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Policy for GenPrev [14 April 2011]

The Third Regional Forum on the Prevention of Genocide took place April 4-6 in Bern, Switzerland, co-organized by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) with the foreign ministries of Argentina and Tanzania.
FDFA Secretary of State Peter Maurer, in his statement opening the forum, asserted “how important it is to ensure regional ownership in order to prevent the threats of genocide and mass atrocities.”
As he pointed out, “The …

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