Iraqi Minorities: The Responsibility to Protect

Today’s guest post on the threats facing ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq—and steps the international community can take to protect these vulnerable groups—was written by Romsin McQuade, an undergraduate student at Temple University in Philadelphia. He has previously written about Iraq’s Assyrian community for The Telegraph UK and about his own identity as an Assyrian in a column for his university newspaper, The Temple News. As with all …

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Policy for GenPrev [28 May 2013]


This past February, the Auschwitz Institute awarded the Raphael Lemkin prize to Dr. Barbara Harff, to recognize her contributions to the field of genocide prevention. Dr. Harff agreed to discuss via print correspondence some of her thoughts and positions on subjects related to the state of genocide prevention today, her past and current work, involvement with the Institute, and thoughts toward the future.
Dr. Harff is Professor of …

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GenPrev in the News [25 Feb 2011]

Vlastimir Djordjevic, a Serbian ex-police chief, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison in connection with the mass murder of more than 700 ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in 1999, the International Business Times reported. “In the large majority of cases the victims, including many women and children, were civilians, who were unarmed and not in any way participating in any form of armed conflict,” the International Criminal Tribunal for …

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