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Onyinye Onwuka

Onyinye Onwuka works as an analyst at ECOWAS Early Warning Directorate where she specializes in early warning systems conflict analysis, preventive diplomacy, dialogue, negotiations, and mediation. Prior to joining ECOWAS, Ms. Onwuka worked as the Head of Collective Defense Unit in the Defense and Security Department of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Abuja, Nigeria. Ms. Onwuka holds a diploma in Peace and Security from Uppsala University in Sweden, as well as an MA in History. She is also a PhD Student in the Faculty of Humanities in the Department of History and International Studies. Ms. Onwuka is the author of several publications including, Territoriality: Arms Trade and Regional Security in Africa and Civilian Protection in African Peacekeeping: a Gender Perspective, among others. She told AIPR:

I come from a region, West Africa, that has experienced cases of civil wars with attendant mass atrocity crimes; therefore I carry a heavy sense of moral burden and unquenchable dedication to the prevention of genocide and mass atrocity, for a common good. Moreover, as a woman, I know the depressing impact that mass atrocity crimes have on vulnerable groups. Hence, a natural impulse to be a part of prevention efforts at all levels.

Added Onwuka:

I believe that addressing the structural conditions that bred mass atrocities like injustice, discrimination, un-equal access to opportunities and resources, marginalization and bad governance amongst others, are most effective long term measures as they will address the root causes.