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  • American Non- Governmental Organizations Coalition for the International Criminal Court: A program by Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights which examines current challenges surrounding the ICC.
  • Burma Partnership: A partnership which aims to bring democratic change to Burma in order to end human rights abuses and foster relationships throughout the Asia/Pacific region.
  • Enough Said: Aims to transform responses to crimes against humanity, genocide and mass atrocities through the analysis of problems and proposed sustainable solutions.
  • Falling Whistles: A campaign for peace working to end violence and war in the Congo through investment strategies, coalitions, and advocacy.
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation: A Quaker based public advocacy organization who lobbies on a whole host of issues, most of which are rooted in the Quaker mentality.
  • ICRtoP Blog: Examines trends and current events with regard to responsibility to protect and highlights recent R2P developments and mandates in the international community. The blog also highlights crises and situations that require security and attention.
  • Impunity Watch: A site that serves as a host to numerous blogs which address international and regional security issues with the central theme of bringing guilty parties to justice.
  • International Law Observer: A forum for blogs and publications focusing on topical issues surrounding international law.
  • John Campbell: Africa in Transition: Tracks political and security developments across sub-Saharan Africa, while contributing as an expert for the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • African Arguments: A forum which hosts discussions on political, social and economic problems facing Africa.
  • Politics, Power and Preventive Action: Focuses developments in U.S. national security policy on international security and conflict prevention, while contributing as an expert for the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Reinventing Peace: A blog by the World Peace Foundation as a part of Tufts Fletcher School for International Relations. The blog aims to provide intellectual leadership on peace, security and justice.
  • Securing Rights: A blog by Daniel Solomon which focuses on violent conflict, mass atrocity and genocide prevention. Mr. Solomon is also a contributing AIPR blogger.
  • Global Citizen: Examines and analyzes global trends by looking at all sides, through a comprehensive and innovative lens.
  • Tower of Babel: A forum for blogs that discuss mass killing prevention, foreign policy and long-term peacebuilding.
  • United to End Genocide Blog: A blog that highlights genocide or mass atrocity crises and advocates for sustainable solutions.
  • UN Dispatch: A portal for the UN to display and post news and commentary for current events.
  • Voices on Genocide Prevention Podcast: A podcast by the United States Holocaust Museum Center for the Prevention of Genocide blog.
  • Women Under Siege: A study which investigates the use of rape and other forms sexualized violence as a tool in genocides and mass atrocities.
  • World Outside my Shoes: A blog by an American who survived the Rwandan genocide who inspires others to stand up to genocide.
  • World Policy Institute: A blog discussing current events and how they relate in the context of our interdependent world, while offering innovative policy solutions.
  • Proof: An organization that uses visual storytelling for genocide prevention and peacebuilding.

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