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“Democratic Education Needs Imagination” Project

(DENI) is a project developed by the Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities (AIPG) and Protection Approaches (PA) that gathered stakeholders from all over the world to (re)imagine how school-based practices and policies can contribute to more respectful, inclusive, and resilient societies. This initiative was born out of the concern regarding the rise of identity-based violence, mass atrocities, and democratic backsliding — and the conviction that education is a fundamental part of the solution to these issues. 

As part of this effort, AIPG and PA held a global conference between 16-21 November 2021 in which a group of 25 education experts discussed the twelve-working papers developed for the conference by academics, public officers, and practitioners, following the four main themes of this initiative: knowledge, attitude, and skills (competencies); classroom-based strategies and methodologies; school culture and connections with the wider community; and educational policies and planning. Through the lens of diverse local perspectives, the conference was a rich opportunity to reflect on these central themes, exchange best practices, and pave the way for global collaborations and upcoming projects. 

 As a result, the project team will launch a report that brings together the key outcomes, as they emerged from the conference, through a launch event in April 2022. The document will have versions in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, living up to the global “spirit” of the conference.  By working together and raising our collective voice, we believe we can have a powerful impact on the future of democratic education worldwide – we hope you will join us! 

Read the full report in ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, and PORTUGUESE.