WEPP Launches Distance Learning Platform

This February, the Auschwitz Institute’s Warren Educational Policies Program (WEPP) launched its Distance Learning Platform. The Platform will offer free virtual training for teachers and other educators that they can use in the development of educational projects throughout the world. Available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, the platform will also serve as a useful resource for ongoing efforts taking place within the current context of the COVID-19 Pandemic by facilitating teachers’ access to educational materials developed by the Auschwitz Institute.

The launch of the Distance Learning Platform is being inaugurated with an offering of the Citizenship and Democracy in School course that the Warren Educational Policies Program has been developing in Brazil since 2016. This project works to contribute to the construction of democratic citizenship through training for educators by using a methodology that promotes respect for others, diversity, human rights, and solidarity among students of public and private schools in the country.

Beginning this month,  training materials for the Citizenship and Democracy in School course will be available at no cost to teachers and educators from across Brazil through two distinct modalities. The first is a self-guided course that guarantees flexibility to participating teachers by offering a self-driven format that has no time limit for completion. The second modality will be offered to groups selected through periodic public calls for applications and will involve the participation of tutors throughout the course’s 5-to-6-week duration in order to provide guidance and promote a more enriching experience. The first of these courses started on February 22 with 79 participants. Educators who have completed both modalities will receive a certificate reflecting 30 training hours from the Auschwitz Institute and will be welcomed into AIPG’s alumni network.

With the launch of this platform, the Warren Educational Policies Program is working to expand its capacity to offer teacher trainings in any easily accessible and flexible manner, without requiring that participants adhere to a fixed schedule or travel to a specific location. Thus, in addition to reaching educators in Brazil, AIPG will use the WEPP’s new Distance Learning Platform for future programs and training projects in other countries around the world.

According to Dr. Clara Ramírez Barat, Director of the Warren Educational Policies Program:

We are very happy with the launch of the WEPP’s Distance Leaning Platform, which will not only facilitate our work during the pandemic but will continue to function as a permanent resource for the program into the future. The Platform will help us to reach more and more teachers and other educators while also strengthening our capacity to support our institutional partners around the world.