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About the course

This course is grounded in the belief that preventing genocide and other atrocity crimes is an achievable goal. That is, there are ways to recognize their signs and symptoms, and viable options to prevent them at every turn if we are committed and prepared.  It is also grounded in the belief that not only States but also non-State actors, including corporations, have a role to play in achieving the prevention of genocide and other mass atrocities.   

The course is divided into three parts, one for each week of duration of the course. The first module provides an overview of the concepts of genocide, mass atrocities, and prevention, including their processes and risk factors, accelerants and triggers. The second module provides an introduction to the role of corporations in atrocity prevention by examining some case studies relating to corporate involvement in mass atrocities. It reflects upon the role of identity in the individual decision-making process of corporate executives and the factors that lead them to decide to participate in mass atrocities. The third module examines the international legal standards that recognize a corporate responsibility to respect human rights and thus prevent mass atrocities, as well as ways in which corporations can incorporate a mass atrocity prevention lens into their practices. A particular emphasis will be made on developing guidelines for disclosure and measurement, managing supply chain risks, managing diversity and inclusion challenges, and managing content on social media platforms.

Cited here as US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Charles Stein

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