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At the Auschwitz Institute, the Executive Office serves as the central hub for programmatic development, oversight, and general organizational operations for the entire organization. It provides support and supervision to AIPG's other thematic and regional departments, as well as develops its own programming. Additionally, the Executive Office manages the general operations and administration for the organization as a whole. Regarding programming, the Executive Office is responsible for developing, piloting, and expanding all new programs at the Auschwitz Institute that do not fit within existing departments. Examples of such programs include legislative engagement for atrocity prevention, strengthening cooperation between states and civil society organizations, and exploring the intersection of business economic, social, and governance practices with prevention, among others.

Agendas of the Global Raphael Lemkin Seminar for Genocide Prevention.



Executive Director
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Dr. Tibi Galis has been the Executive Director of the Auschwitz Institute since 2006. Before joining...

Program Officer, Executive Office
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Matt Rozansky joined the Auschwitz Institute in July 2022 as the Executive Office Program Officer. I...

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