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About the course

Foundations in Mass Atrocity Prevention is AIPG’s prerequisite course. Once a participant has completed this course, they are then eligible to take our other regional trainings. This course is grounded in the belief that preventing genocide and other atrocity crimes is an achievable goal. That is, there are ways to recognize their signs and symptoms, and viable options to prevent them at every turn if we are committed and prepared. The first week of the course provides an overview of the concepts of genocide, mass atrocities, and prevention. The remaining five weeks of the seminar are structured around three stages in a continuum of prevention strategies – primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention is upstream prevention: the “before” analysis of the longer-term governance, historical, economic, and societal factors that leave a country at risk for genocide and other mass atrocities and the inoculation avenues open to mitigating those risk factors. Secondary prevention is midstream prevention: the immediate, real-time relief efforts “during” the crisis – political, economic, legal, and military – that are direct crisis management tactics to slow, limit, or halt the mass violence. Finally, tertiary prevention is downstream prevention: the “after” efforts to foster resiliency by dealing with the acute long-term consequences of mass violence through pursuits of justice, truth, and memory to help stabilize, heal, and rehabilitate a post-genocide society.

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