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About the course

REPAIR is a 24-curriculum-hour online course, offered to leadership in police departments in the USA over a period of 6 weeks. The course benefits from a newly created curriculum, developed with the assistance of experts in the fields of atrocity prevention, human and civil rights, Black history, and with the expertise of civil review boards, the Department of Justice, and law enforcement leadership and professionals. 

This course was developed in response to a growing national and global concern that the increasingly hostile environment of exclusion and social fragmentation in the US is heightening the risk and occurrence of identity-based marginalization and violence. As history shows us, such threats to civil and human rights can, if unchecked, become part of an escalating process of destruction that may lead to mass atrocity. We wish to use the lessons learned from the field of atrocity prevention to help build capacity in our law enforcement partners to detect relevant risk factors for civil and human rights abuses, identify appropriate response tools to promote and protect those rights, and recognize the best practices to foster resiliency in targeted communities.

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