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Training of Trainers  follows the 6-week leadership course. This component includes a one-day in-person session offered by REPAIR’s teaching team for those leaders who have been selected to train rank-and-file officers. Training of Trainers also includes a year-long subscription to receive AIPG's support and specialized training materials to facilitate the design of a customizable curriculum to be offered internally.    

Each one-day intensive session of Training of Trainers allows for up to 25 leaders who have successfully completed the initial REPAIR course to work with the teaching team to acquire the necessary knowledge and resources, including a Training Manual, to design a comprehensive 8-hour curriculum for rank-and-file officers. The leaders who complete the 1-day Training of Trainers session will then be able to train their rank-and-file officers using this newly-designed 8-hour curriculum to detect relevant risk factors for civil and human rights abuses, identify appropriate response tools to promote and protect those rights, and recognize the best practices to foster resilience in targeted communities.