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February 28, 2024

Educational Materials

The entire methodology of the Citizenship and Democracy in School project is systematized in a pedagogical notebook, which provides all the necessary information for implementing the initiative in the classroom, with a detailed description of each proposed activity. The project adopts an active and participatory methodology that seeks to encourage students' reflection in the classroom using resources such as: reading texts, analyzing news, reflecting on songs and/or videos. The notebook is available for all those interested. 

The elective Rights and Citizenship was created by the Warren Educational Policies Program based on the Citizenship and Democracy in School project as an elective subject, within the scope of its partnership with the Secretary of Education of São Paulo. The Auschwitz Institute has also been working on developing specific materials with the Secretaries of Education of other states, aiming to contribute in the best way to their local strategies.

In addition to the core materials, the Warren Educational Policies Program team also develops complementary materials, always seeking to contribute to the educator's role in the classroom and considering the context in which the Citizenship and Democracy in School project is implemented. In this sense, in 2021, the program launched an activity kit for the returning of in-person classes in Brazilian public education considering the COVID pandemic, and, in 2022, a pedagogical material aimed at contributing to the promotion of safe, plural, and stimulating dialogues on democracy and more specifically on the elections that took place in October in the country. Finally, in February 2024, the Institute launched a material focused on the context of the violent attacks against Brazilian schools, with educational activities to strengthen social cohesion in these spaces.

In order to better assist educators in their practical experience with the project, the Warren Educational Policies Program also provides access to a Google Drive with diverse support materials. Click the icon to access the Google Drive.

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