Fred Schwartz (1931-2016)

It is with great sadness that AIPR announces the loss of our beloved Founder and Board President, Fred Schwartz. A pioneering force, Mr. Schwartz founded the Auschwitz Institute in 2006 and served as President of its Board of Directors until his death.

fred cyswinskiFred Schwartz was a visionary, having dedicated the last ten years of his life to preventing violence and atrocities around the globe. Inspired by the voices of Holocaust victims, he created the Auschwitz Institute to assist the world’s governments in fulfilling their duty to protect their populations by preventing genocide and other mass atrocities. From the outset, his tireless work in building the organization and his unwavering commitment to its development have been fundamental in making AIPR the largest mass atrocity prevention NGO in the world.

fredsamtibiMr. Schwartz’s creativity and leadership have inspired numerous innovative approaches to mass atrocity prevention. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, forged by a successful business career and by the creation of several non-profit organizations, he has served humanity both humbly and vigorously. As a result, Fred succeeded in saving countless lives. Mr. Schwartz truly changed the world and has left it a better place for his children and for generations to come.

fredajcopening2While it remains impossible to put into words the extent of his contribution to our lives, our work, and our planet, it is easy to see that his presence touched those around him in a profound way. Each of us has benefited greatly from his brilliance, humor, dedication, and his sense of justice and humanity. He will be deeply missed. Our future work is dedicated to him.