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May 18, 2023

School of Human Rights of the Office of the Ombudsperson - El Salvador

Latin American Program

After a couple of years without the possibility of holding in-person activities and meetings in Latin America, the LAP staff finally had the opportunity to organize and conduct a personal encounter in El Salvador. This significant event took place as part of the project "Atrocity Prevention in the Context of the Migration Crisis in El Salvador." Our trip to El Salvador enabled us to facilitate an event with key Salvadoran stakeholders in the city of San Miguel and engage in work meetings with representatives from the Office of the Ombudsperson of El Salvador (PDDH) in San Salvador.

The dialogue generated during the event in San Miguel affirmed the project's direction and strengthened our belief in the importance of including local voices when analyzing realities and assisting in implementing policies that directly impact the quality of life of migrant populations. Abigail Méndez, representative of the Salvadoran Association for Rural Health (ASAPROSAR) in the city of Santa Ana, expressed her satisfaction with the meeting in San Miguel, stating, "This event held in San Miguel provides an excellent opportunity to involve individuals working with migrants beyond the capital, San Salvador. It is a significant achievement for this project, and I hope more activities are developed in other cities of the country."

Our visit to El Salvador also provided insights into how AIPG's online courses served as inspiration, foundation, and content for the training developed by the School of Human Rights of the PDDH. Miguel Alfonso Munóz Reyna, the Director of the School, shared with us that they designed their first introductory module based on the training provided by AIPG on the foundations of human rights (program attached). This initial course serves as a cornerstone for their entire training program, as completion of it is mandatory to access the rest of the courses. It fills us with pride to know that AIPG played a role in developing the backbone of the School's comprehensive human rights training program.

Sheri P. Rosenberg

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