Board of Directors

Bonnie Schertz

Bonnie Schertz, Esq., is a US immigration and nationality lawyer working in the field since 1988. She is an immigrant advocate who has worked on visa issues and regulatory proposals, among other areas. She is no stranger to human rights crises through her work handling pro bono issues relating to asylum seekers, humanitarian parole and juvenile immigrants/refugees. According to Ms. Schertz:

As the child of European Jews who survived World War II, I feel compelled to give voice to what was lost and try and fix what happened. With my work with AIPR, I can be a part of something that uses the abysmal example of human destructiveness that defines Auschwitz to foster peace and reconciliation.

She adds:

I am so taken with the Auschwitz Institute's work because it is a dream to see that there is someone like Tibi Galis who is willing to move mountains and go beyond the usual rhetoric to save human lives and really create a peaceful world. I find that idealism and the strength to make world leaders confront their actions in the context of Auschwitz absolutely breathtaking.