International Advisory Board

Carla Hammond

Carla Hammond is the founder and CEO of Be Time Practice – a meditation company featuring a unique mobile studio based in NYC. Before launching Be Time in 2018, Carla spent nearly a decade working in New York City’s non-profit sector, where she developed institutional groundwork and supported structural growth for array of startups and small organizations with diverse thematic focuses (OneVoice, Columbia University’s Genocide Prevention Program (now Engaging Governments in Genocide Prevention), Qualitas of Life Foundation, and Awake Youth Project amongst them).

Along the way, Carla devoted her time to learning and practicing different forms of meditation and introspection. (She’s the mother of 9-year-old twins and was seeking some much-deserved “me time” when the idea of Be Time got started). Her personal process encouraged her to incubate Be Time Practice – a uniquely captivating mobile meditation experience based in NYC that provides a multi- sensory “urban sanctuary.” Recognized by such outlets as Refinery29, ABC, CNBC, Well+Good, and Interior Design for its unparalleled meditation environment, Be Time encourages people to disconnect from the outside world in order to reconnect with themselves. At the core of everything, Be Time is committed to coupling epic meditation environments with an accessible and straight-forward practice, welcoming first-timers and virtuosos together into “Meditation For The People.” Today, Carla and Be Time stand at an exciting crossroads, expanding into new verticals and cultivating partnerships to grow the business and spread the zen one day at a time. She holds a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University, sits on the Board of Qualitas of Life Foundation and lives in New York City with her twins, husband and dog, Blu.