Board of Directors

Michael Kluger

Dr. Michael Kluger is a surgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He also holds a Master of Public Health from Yale University, a degree pursued because of his belief that responsible societies foster healthy citizens. Unexpectedly captivated by surgery during medical school, he ended his pursuit of a career in international health in favor of surgery and a stable family. Joining the Auschwitz Institute Board provides an avenue for this deferred interest. Whereas genocide is often viewed through a political, historical or legal framework, Dr. Kluger also views genocide within the framework of public health principles. Specifically, investigating determinants and risks, protecting the most vulnerable, affecting policy through communication and empowerment, and prevention before treatment. He is drawn to the mission of AIPG as an opportunity to be involved in an organization that aims to prevent genocide by early recognition of sociopolitical symptoms and teaching future leaders to understand and respond.

In my field, we call the physician who is adept at practice, research, and education the triple threat. AIPG is the triple threat in genocide prevention, and that is much needed in our modern world.