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In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Auschwitz Institute has partnered with both state and civil society organizations in Ukraine and the neighboring region to support their prevention efforts. To date, this work has primarily focused on providing technical assistance and capacity building for the documentation of atrocity crimes. Specifically, AIPG has provided training to civil society and state institutions involved in documenting ongoing atrocities, with a focus on evidence collection and case building. To further enhance capacity for evidence collection, AIPG is working with our partners to develop training seminars that build the skills and competencies necessary for open and closed-source evidence collection in Ukraine. Grounded in the belief that accountability is essential for prevention in the future, these seminars will equip participants with the fundamental knowledge to ensure that any evidence collected will be admissible in future accountability processes. Finally, in terms of technical assistance, we are also supporting our partners through legal expertise, providing strategic guidance on the different legal elements and considerations to consider when building and pursuing cases of atrocity crimes.

Agendas of the Global Raphael Lemkin Seminar for Genocide Prevention.



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